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Retouching course for portraits and beauty images - ENGLISH version

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If you want to pay directly via PayPal please contact me on instagram!

This course is for any person that meets any of the following points:

  • you want to charge more for your photography or retouching services,
  • you want save time and do editing much faster,
  • you want to bring the quality of your works to a higher level,
  • you want to learn how to create beautiful and natural looking beauty editing,
  • this course is suitable for photographers, retouchers, bloggers and makeup artists with basic knowledge in working with Photoshop on a PC.


This course requires a basic knowledge of working in Photoshop on a PC/laptop, BUT if you are a beginner you will find a collection of useful free ressources in my course channel. You should go through those free tutorials BEFORE you continue with my course.


  • All my tips and tricks to speed up your retouching time.
  • The concept behind any beautiful portrait photo.
  • How to retouch skin fast and retain natural texture.
  • How to make the colours pop and make the eyes shine bright like a diamond...



CONTENT OVERVIEW: all lessons except the bonus lesson 2 are instantly available for watching.

All lessons will be shown on 3 different images which you will also get for practicing.

  1. Lesson: some theory about what is actually a good looking retouching? Analysis of most common mistakes. Learn to prepare your RAW file for retouching in Photoshop using Camera Raw (how to bring out the maximum of structure and depths). Adjust parts of the image with the liquify tool.
  2. Lesson: theory - RAW file analysis (light used, makeup, skin type and which result could be obtained) + overview about skin retouching methods: advantages and disadvantages depending on a specific raw file.
  3. Lesson: fast skin retouching using my personal frequency separation methodology. I will explain the method in detail: how to move the tool and how to avoid the most common mistakes made using this method.
  4. Lesson: skin retouching with dodge and burn. I use a small trick which allows to do dodge and burn in 15-40 minutes depending on the skin quality! And of course I will share this life hack with you :)
  5. Lesson: skin retouching using a combination of both methods (fs and db to save time while retouching, but maintain the skin texture).
  6. Lesson: how to retouch makeup: changing eye brows with pre-made brushes-brushes can be purchased separately on another ressources, eye shadows, lips and nails.
  7. Lesson: adding more contrast to intensify the skin texture + how to make the colours pop.
  8. Lesson: crop and export for social media to retain the sharpness and quality.
  9. BONUS Lesson: retouching process from the start to the end on another image. During the process I also give an overview about useful plugins to speed up retouching time: plugin for face adjustments, plugin for automated dodge and burn, plugin to retouch and change hair color, plugin to make general image adjustments.
  10. BONUS Lesson will be published until end of March: how to select best raw files for retouching. Which images will give the best result? This lesson is particularly of interest for photographers and creators to understand how to improve raw files to get more out of the editing process.



  • Notes for print with most important settings and retouching steps.
  • Video lessons which can be watched any time and how often you want.
  • Access to all materials and videos for 6 months (access can be extended for a small fee).
  • My personal, unique RAW files for practice which can be published on your portfolio to showcase your skills (CAN'T be sold, transferred to third parties or used for paid advertising)
  • You can get feedback from me personally if you book access with feedback - I will tell you where to improve and what you are still doing wrong :)



In the package with feedback option please note that I give feedback for home works during 1-3 days (except on weekends) and help with Photoshop during 24 hours (also except weekends).


Course is organised in a Telegram channel. You can install Telegram DESKTOP to watch video lessons on your PC and practice in parallel.

You will get your personal invitation link to Telegram channel after the purchase. If the link after the payment don't work, please contact me on instagram @melan_cholia_photography for a personal invite link!



NOTE! In some countries (Europe, USA) VAT may be added to the price, unfortunately this does not depend on me but is regulated by the country you live in (this fee is directly transferred to the state you live by GUMROAD). If you want to avoid this, contact me on instagram :)

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Access to videos and raw files for 6 months

Unique raw files for practice
Notes with main settings and process
Video lessons about beauty retouching in Photoshop
Videos about theory
Bonus lesson how to create good raw files
Bonus lesson about must have plugins

Retouching course for portraits and beauty images - ENGLISH version

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